Sales – Demystifying

Hey folks , today I will share few cool tricks that I have learned with my experience working in sales . So here we go…

1.Under Commit and Over Deliver : One of the most basic yet standout trick. Use this trick while dealing with customers after all everybody likes something extra from the product and services he is going to avail. This will also enhance in creating  long term relationship  with the customer. On the lighter note this trick can also be used while committing volume target to your manager !!

2.Probe!Probe!Probe! : Another vital trick to succeed in sales is probing ! Use this trick to understand the customer requirement , ask as many questions as you can! Understand his need and then pitch your product after understanding customer need ; as it is rightly said don’t sell the product sell the solution !!

3.Be a Good listener: Another obvious yet vital trick which most of the sales manager forget to use in day to day dealing with customers. Customers like sales manager who are patient listeners .So my advice to young sales professionals is – be an excellent listener and try this is in your day to day dealing with customers and feel the difference.

4.Magic Line: So for people working in sales one line that stands out is”How can I help”. I call this line as magic line and the sales professional using this as Magician. Use this line often while dealing with prospects .You are selling a product or service that is meant to help  the prospects, and  the more people  you can  convince ,the more deals you will close.So use this phrase “How can I help” as much as you can and see the magic this simple line will create.

5.Be Optimistic:There will be ups and downs ; sales  is like a roller coaster ride with highs and lows. So my advice is to stay motivated and patient because good day will eventually come and it will even out bad days. Being positive also keeps mind calm and focused while interacting with customers. Also one bad day should not let down spirit of selling!!

So these are few standout tricks for young sales professionals who are stating their career in sales .

Stay tuned for more cool tricks!! #Sales #demystified#decoding sales!